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OKEJ! Here comes some information about me and this blog..

I am anonymous, why? Cause I wan't tooooo :) it will be like the tv show "dating in the dark" ;) haha . I'm not judging those who have pictures, I love when people have pictures of themself, but I decided for me I will not have pictures, not yet, maybe later! But ofc it's very nice with nice comments, I love to answer comments! it's only a plus :)

I write most about music, movies, funny stuff and celebs, but also a little about my daylife and thoughts and food :')
somethimes about clothes too!

and one importan thing, my belive is in peace and love. I really belive in that. That all people are worth the same and it will be a better world if everybody get along better :)

I hope you enjoy!

God bless you all, peace

Postat av: LORISSA

jag älskar att plugga, haha :) Kommer läsa en sommarkurs parallellt med arbetet, fast på distans ^^

2010-04-22 @ 21:11:20

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